HIV AIDS in the United States Kenya and Mexico Case Study

HIV AIDS in the United States Kenya and Mexico Case Study

1. Use the Vaughn Library website as a repository of web resources to find and complete this assignment. (Links to an external site.)

2. Examine the following 15 countries for HIV-AIDS statistics, as well as any other accompanying facts that might be related: Cambodia, South Africa, Dominican Republic, United States, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Haiti, Greece, Kenya, Japan, Malaysia, France, Mexico, Brazil, Rwanda

The tab at the top of the page on the above listed website titled “Web Resources” will be useful when gathering statistics.

3. Choose the United States and two other countries from the list above. Create a computer-generated bar chart that compares the data from the library website for those three countries. The bar chart should be on one page. It should include information related to the rate of HIV-AIDS in the chosen countries. Be sure to include in the bar chart the percentage of the population in each country living with HIV-AIDS.

4. Write a 1-2 page essay (1-inch margins, double-spaced, and standard font size of 12) about why there are differences between the three chosen countries in the prevalence of HIV-AIDS. Support your answer using the resource directory from the library website and/or the textbook for this course. Issues to discuss in the essay should include:

– comparison of the total population to how many are living with HIV-AIDS (for each of the three chosen countries)

– differences between developed and undeveloped countries (use percentages)

– factors contributing to the fact that some countries have a higher HIV-AIDS prevalence than others

– education levels for the three chosen countries/types of programs present in those countries

– public attitudes concerning this disease

– imagining yourself as a healthcare administrator, identify ideas and initiatives for how to curb HIV-AIDS in the three chosen countries

– end your essay with a conclusion paragraph

5. The final page should be a reference page. All websites and other sources used to complete this assignment should be included.

6. Assignment should be a total of 3-4 pages.

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