.How did Bornet feel about the importance of fidelity in his marriage?

.How did Bornet feel about the importance of fidelity in his marriage?  What benefit did he get from his attraction to the chambermaid?

2. What was Sendras’ profession?  Describe his friendship with Bornet.

3.How did the chambermaid respond to Bornet’s advances?  What did she tell her mistress, and what did Bornet’s wife advise her to do?  Why did Bornet’s wife choose not to confront him about his romantic overtures to the chambermaid?

4. What did Bornet’s wife to do to trick him?  Why did he stay in bed with her longer on the night he thought he had finally bedded the chambermaid?

5. What did he tell Sendras the next day?  How did he describe the woman he had just made love to?

6. How did things go when Sendras got in bed with Bornet’s wife, thinking she was the chambermaid?  How did it differ from the nights she was accustomed to spending with her husband?

7. How did Bornet’s wife compare the first time her husband got in bed with her with the second time on the previous night?

8. According to Bornet’s wife, why did she deceive him by pretending to be the chambermaid?  What did she hope to ensure by doing this?

9. Although Bornet made Sendras promise not to breathe a word about the incident to anyone, what affect did it eventually have on Bornet’s reputation?


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