hum112 week 3 discussion and response

Week 3 Discussion Hayden, Mozart, the Enlightenment, and Child Prodigies: Please answer all of the following questions as part of your initial post and then reply to at least one classmate.

1. Listen to one (1) composition (for a symphony) by Haydn or Mozart in the Music tab or a link given below. Identify the work that you listened to, then tell us if you think a computer could write better music see and Computer music:

Classical Music and computer music links

Haydn at and

2. Cite your views on child stars and explain the impact of early success. Give an example of a modern child star or genius (music,math or science or computers) whose rise and fall mirrors Mozart’s (a child prodigy who performed throughout Europe). Look over these power points about Mozart’s life to see what happened to him. Read over your classmates’ posts then choose a star no one else has selected.

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RE: Week 3 | Discussion


This week’s You tube’s in “Explore” I just let the auto-next one go and really enjoyed the Haydn String Quartet No. 62, Op. 76 No. 3 “Emperor” (2nd mov) Veridis Quartet (Live performance).

    1. I chose the classic Mozart – Symphony #40 In G Minor, 1. Molto Allegro – 1788. This has the most influence on new/future composers today. Listening this inspires respite, romance, excitement and finality. I disagree with a computer writing this music any better. The fact that a human beings created this is what inspires me anyway.
    2. Views on child stars/early geniuses. Well according to me, I believe people do have gifted talents, may not be everyone, and may not be at childhood. Also it is proven that people with certain inabilities and/or handicaps are extremely talented in other areas we can imagine. However, I also feel that swarming a person’s childhood with celebrity style focus is unnecessary, overwhelming and damaging. I believe there are ways to recognize, award and keep folks challenged – everyone is different and responds differently separate sets of circumstances. I select Ethan Bortnick, American Pianist, as my example. I selected this one because he likes to keep is personal life private as did David Bowe and Prince:

Thanks Erik.


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