I need argument with those 5 answers (ex; agree or disagree and reasons) / Topic is “Media” Media most definitely has an influence on our everyday…

I need argument with those 5 answers (ex; agree or disagree and reasons) / Topic is “Media”

  1. Media most definitely has an influence on our everyday lives. Pop culture shapes the way we dress with fashion trends, and many people are introduced to new words from songs, tv shows, and movies.
  2. I believe the media around us is saying both “how things are” and “how things should be”, and it depends on the type of media a person is exposed to. For instance, news media mostly reports on current events and thus are saying “how things are”, although they can select on what to report on and give an incomplete view of “how things are”. On the other hand, there is media that is specifically designed to tell us “how things should be”. Written media like opinion pieces or persuasive essays by featured writers in newspapers are written to convince a particular audience about “how things should be”. 
  3. The media can never be completely free and not be influenced by politics, ideologies, or social structures. The media is created by people, for the consumption of other people, and people in general will always have an agenda to push. The creators can be influenced by bribes from powerful people to produce content that aligns with what how they think the world should be. Moreover, an audience can also influence the media by what they want to see regarding things like films and tv shows.
  4. I can think of 2 major ways that the media is regulated around the world. There’s a policy driven way of regulating media content, as seen with the way the FCC and the CRTC operates, where an organization tries to manage media content in a reasonable manner, that is they may censor or ban content based on public opinion. On the other hand, media can be completely regulated a government, as seen in North Korea, where the only content allowed to be made and broadcast to the public must be in favour of the state.
  5. Many things are prohibited in media. These things are usually malicious, discriminatory, and are just all around considered bad by most of society. For instance, in social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, anything racist is pretty much taken down once it has been noticed by users. However, on news media sites, these things are very likely to be reported on to inform the public.


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