i need help with my main

i have a program that needs some editing for it to be following the prompt correctly.

please make sure it follows the prompt.

The BOLD is what mainly needs attention, (editing/adding code.)

please make sure to add/edit comments as well.

Using the standard library, classes

Using the gladiator class, we are going to create two armies that will attack each other. This will be accomplished by using the <vector> library

Write a program that performs the following:

  1. Create two vectors of Gladiators (see last section of Chapter 7), one for the Red team, and one for the Blue team
  2. Show the number of fighters alive on each team
  3. Present the user with the following menu
    1. Take Turn
      1. Randomly select between red team and blue team. (for some reason it doesn’t appear to be really random)
      2. Use the first/next fighter on that team to attack a random enemy in the enemy team. (it should be 1v1, one from blue vs one from red)
        1. Any fighters that get get killed should be removed from the team (With a notification)!
        2. Describe what happened in each attack, including which team the attacker is part of.( ex: Bob from the blue team hit Evan from the red team with 26 damage)
      3. Repeat this process until all fighters have had a chance to attack.
    2. Add Fighters
      1. Add one fighter to both teams
        1. It would be easier to give fighters a name randomly selected from a list (array) of potential names, than to ask the user for two names every time they want to add more fighters
        2. Show the stats of the fighters as/after they have been added
    3. Exit Program
  4. Return to step 2

random is not seeded correctly.


sometimes fighters hit with 0 damage, the damage should be : dmgMin + dmgRange, which would be 24-36 and double if critical.

dmgMin = 8 + rand() % 7;//8-14

dmgRange = 16 + rand() % 7;//16-22

i will be attaching the files.


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