Identify something from this week’s lesson that contradicts something you knew or thought you… 1 answer below »

Identify something from this week's lesson that contradicts something you knew or thought you knew. This could be a simple fact or complex process/line of reasoning. I want you to really think about this, and pick the one that you had the strongest reaction to, seemed to challenge your thinking/worldview the most, and/or you find most controversial in regards to your own thinking. It is okay if your previous belief was an assumption, instead of what you thought was "fact." Please write your answer using bullet points or a numbered list that matches the items below. Refer to the rubric to see how I will score your answer.
Please do all you can to address something in this lesson, but if you did not encounter anything in this lesson that challenged your thinking, then please address something in the lesson that you remember learning at some point in your life prior to this class, and it challenged your thinking at that time. For example, if this week's lesson detailed ecological footprint, and you learned about ecological footprint last year and it really challenged the way you thought, then address that by answering the questions below.
For full credit, submit all of the following:
1. Describe the item that challenged your thinking and how it contradicts what you had previously thought or known. 2. Identify why you thought the way you did before. Was it something you learned in school, a friend, the internet, etc.? 3. Do you think that your previously held position was influenced by bias in any way? Was the position based on un-i nvestigated assumptions? 4. Are you rethinking your previously held position or not, and why? What evidence changed your mind, or reinforced your previously held position?


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