Identify your favorite quote and please discuss its significance to you

Identify your favorite quote and please discuss its significance to you.

This is my favorite quote by john f. Kennedy :every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.
Things become possible when an attempt is made. Any success does not mean that the road to
it is smooth. It all depends on an attempt and being positive regardless of the predicted end.I
never thought about going to college and getting a degree. Going to college never interest me.
But then I realized that I wanted to be successful and start a career in which I loved instead of
working odd jobs just to make money. I decided to go to college in 2014. Life on campus never
entertained me, in 2015 I went through difficult situations in my life. I just didn’t feel motivated.
The reason why was I was reflecting on the past. Back in 2014 I was sexually assulated and I
was having flashbacks. I didnt feel happy, all i wanted to do was stay home and do nothing, i
think the reason why I was reflecting on the past was because i had no friends and didnt know
know who i could talk to to express myself. My grades weren’t good at all. Most people
including myself thought I was not in my right state of mind.
However, this was not permanent for I was able to walk over it. I realized my purpose of
going to school so I decided to remain focused in school. In spring 2016,I put in the effort and
made sure that I did what I needed to do to pass all of my classes, I managed to get As and Bs.
And now I’m graduating this semester. I plan on going straight to a four-year school to get my
bachelors and then graduate school to get my masters. I am going to college for a purpose, an
agenda to develop a career and to assist the society, specifically the young children who have
trouble speaking. The main goal, in this case, is to be able to motivate the young children to help
develop their ability to speak at early stages.
It may seem difficult but I believe that the motivation I obtained in school will make me
determined. I know that there will be challenges but I have already made a decision to pursue my
dreams in becoming a speech pathologist


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