Identifying Core Values and their Role and Impact in our Lives Essay

Identifying Core Values and their Role and Impact in our Lives Essay

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For this essay, you will reflect on the readings, I will provide the attached readings so you can utilize in this essay. my core values, are: TRUST, LOVE, GRATITUDE. I would like my essay to be based on those 3 things and no outside material is needed just use the attached readings to reflect on them and incorporate to what those 3 values mean to one.


  • Your paper should include a proper header and title.
  • Your paper should be typed, double-spaced and in 11 or 12-point font.
  • Your final product should be a minimum of five paragraphs (about 700-1000 words) in length. However, the quality of the content of this essay is most important. Be sure to fully answer the prompt.


  • In this essay you will identify and explain 3-5 of your core values.
  • You will also discuss the origins of these core values.


  • Include an introductory paragraph, where you grab the reader’s attention, provide a transitional statement, give a clear thesis statement, and map out the 3-5 key points that will support your thesis. (review elements of an introduction)
  • Include 3-5 body paragraphs where you include details and examples to help you develop and support your key points. (review body paragraph structure)
  • End your essay with a concluding paragraph where you restate your thesis, summarize your key points, and leave the reader with the “so what?” (review successful concluding paragraphs)

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