Importance of Creating an Engaging Literature Curriculum

Importance of Creating an Engaging Literature Curriculum

What is the importance of creating an engaging literature curriculum into your classroom? Your Answer: The significance of creating engaging literature in the classroom it can help children’s brain development in many aspects because it leads to mental health and positive interaction with others as a result of the experiences and knowledge that the child acquires. Next, introducing the child to the environment in which he or she lives from all sides developing the child’s language abilities by increasing his, or her acquired vocabulary. As a teacher, I will observe each child’s behavior in my class then I will put a good plan to read for them. My philosophy is I will put specific time every day to read especially when they eat their snack, so the benefit for this way children will be gathering together then they will focus while I read to them, so children’s cognitive will develop. On the other hand, I will use the prop when I will read, and do activities for children that can relate to the story with show them the pictures of the story then they will demonstrate to read as personality. besides when I will ask children open-ended questions they will able to think about the story then could answer me. Next, I will give children a chance to choose the colors to draw or take any size of the shape to print with colors then they will get self-reliance, and self-confidence therefore they will be more socialists. I will choose many stories to teach children to respect each other then they will get strong relationships when they control their feeling. As a teacher, I will design the class by putting a special place for reading stories indoors of the class and outdoor, and I will make my class aesthetically because children can understand better when looking, smelling, touching, and testing. Also, I like to use an emergent curriculum. Question 2 Discuss the learning possibilities there are when planning language and literature into your curriculum plan. Describe the different ways language and literature can support content across the curriculum and developmental domains. Your Answer: Planning languages and literature is very important for children to understand better because children will get many skills when their teacher teaches them as they understand. Next, as a teacher I will observe each child’s behavior then I will put the best plan to teach them, so children will understand more information. For example, if I see children who have hard hearing I will put him or her near me, and I will read aloud with my hand motion to understand me. On the other hand, I will use a flexible routine for children with special needs because they will feel comfortable understanding better. The reading book for toddlers and preschoolers is very significant for children’s cognitive development because children will be thought when the teacher reads the stories to them and ask them open-ended questions. the three most important ways the teachers should use: 1- children can understand better when they singing and dancing because children will repeat the words as many times then they could understand the words when their teacher explains these words by hand movement and wear a hat to relate this story. Next, children will enjoy listening then they able to say the words even some of them have second languages. Also, the children’s tongue mouth muscles will develop when they singing after their teachers read the story for them. 2- Children will understand better when looking for the pictures of the stories, or the props that the teacher will wear to attract them, therefore, they will keep themselves focus on their teacher, so they will demonstrate to read the vocabulary words. Next, when the teacher reads for children in preschool many kinds of books such as about their culture, shape, and animals they will combine between their home languages and literature, so they will get more skills. 3- When the teacher encourages children to read by practicing because children can understand when say the words as many time. Next, children can get many skills when they touch, look, taste, smell, hear. Also, the teacher should make aesthetically to help children get skills. Question 3 Explain how children learn language, become literate and why they need to use and hear rich language. Your Answer: Children can learn the language through communication with their families, friend, and their teacher. Next, children will understand many vocabulary words when they enrolled in preschool because their teachers will read many stories to them in many ways such as wear the hat, change their voice, read aloud, and ask them open-ended questions. Next, as a teacher, I will connect the activity with the story that I will read. For example; if I will read the story about the police car, I will bring the plastic police car and colors for children to draw, and they will dipping their cars in the colors to draw their sheets of paper. On the other hand, children will enjoy hearing the story when they sit in comfortable chairs or hold the toys and pillows. the teacher should make the story interesting for children by showing them the pictures and singing before start to read the story. besides, I will give children the choice to choosing the story that they love, then I will read it to them because children will like to hear this story again. Children can get experience through the draw with different colors, building cubes, sticking, rolling playdough, printing the sand with different shapes, so these activities can help children’s brain development, therefore; they will understand better. Also, children need to use and hear rich language because they will understand new vocabulary words then they could communicate with each other even they have second languages. Question 4 Discuss what books have to offer young children and explain why reading to young children is so important to their “whole” development. Your Answer: Some parents are confused when choosing or buying books for their children, but my recommendation as a teacher the parents should buy books that have rich languages that have many pictures because children can understand them as well. Next, there are many important books for children that will provide them with a lot of knowledge such as the book about different cultures, the books about clean their teeth or hands, and the book should include colors, shapes, animals, and many kinds of cars. On the other hands, reading a different kind of books for children can help them to understand many things such as to communicate with each other when understanding each other culture through reads, wash their hands, and clean their teeth every day, understand a lot of new vocabulary words, children will get knowledge about a different kind of animals because these books will help their cognitive development, therefore, they will be successful in their life and reach their goals in future.


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