In this assignment, you will find literature relevant to your discipline, and then systematically…

Overview In this assignment, you will find literature relevant to your discipline, and then systematically analyse the argument(s) presented to evaluate the strength of the claim(s) made. Purposes 1. To document your process to search for peer-reviewed literature and ascertain its relevance and esteem using bibliometrics such as citation indexing and impact factor. 2. To assess your ability to evaluate the arguments and integrate evidence from the peer-reviewed literature you choose to support your own argument. 3. To provide feedback on your skills in formal academic writing, including overall structure, logical progression, flow, paragraph structures, and use of an appropriate citation style, before you complete subsequent written assignments in this unit. Instructions You should perform a literature search for a topic relevant to your chosen which is (Coronavirus). You should select two peer-reviewed journal papers sourced from journals that have an impact factor verified by third-party indexing search engines, and this should form part of your decision to choose both the paper and journal. These two peer-reviewed journal papers should be: • the most highly cited work on your chosen topic, and • one paper published between 2017 to 2019 that cites the most highly cited work identified above. You may need to refine your search before finding two papers that satisfy both conditions and are useful to your research topic. Please be mindful that a highly cited paper will not necessarily be current or relevant; a bad paper may receive many citations too! As a very rough guide, a well-cited paper may have over 100 citations and will have recent papers that cite it, but this is discipline-dependent with good papers in engineering or mathematics having fewer citations than, say, chemistry or Earth science. You are required to critically evaluate the strength of the arguments from each of the journal articles and integrate evidence from these sources with any additional cited literature you think is necessary to support your evaluation. You should present your evaluation in the form of an argument and address the following questions explicitly: • Search and selection: How did you search to find the papers and determine their esteem (i.e., search engines used, citation number, and impact factor and/or SJR of the journal)? • Analysis of argument: How did you evaluate the strength of the claims presented by the authors? What indicators of the quality of an argument such as soundness, validity, clarity, reasoning, consistency and logic were present?


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