integrative analysis essay

Assignment Description

This culminating paper is the closest thing to a standard research paper that you will write this term. For this integrative analysis, you will craft an essay of at least six (6) pages that analyzes and synthesizes your arguments from Essay 1 with your research from Essay 2. Your final paper must focus on a debatable thesis that offers analytical insight into a specific management-related problem. Each paragraph should develop an idea related to that thesis, support that idea with evidence, and discuss the evidence to demonstrate your understanding and its relevance. You will want to demonstrate your confidence and your knowledge of the subject by exploring the work of writers with different opinions. And finally, since this is a critical theory class, you should make at least some reference to the management theories we have studied this term.


  • You may propose a solution to the problem.
  • You may prefer to clarify or complicate others’ ideas about the problem based on your research (e.g., Many contemporary scholars argue that transformational leadership leading to an empowered workforce is ideal. However, one must remember that sometimes the transactional elements of a manager-employee relationships take precedence, particularly for entry-level retail employees.)
  • You may choose instead to examine a particular industry or trend through the critical lens(es) you find.
  • You may do something else. You may want to check with me before you do.

Assignment Objectives

Often in academic writing, the goal is to use research to support the claims the author is already making. Here, the goal is to test your claims against research in order to refine and sharpen them. As a result, though your thesis will probably be similar to the argument you advanced in the first essay, it should also reflect or respond to the ideas you have encountered through your previous work in this course.


  • 6 – 10 pages of text
  • APA formatting (cover page, references, citations)


  • 6 sources MINIMUM
  • At least TWO sources must be from scholarly, peer-reviewed publications
  • At least ONE source must be from an industry magazine or trade publication
  • some SOURCES are are attached.


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