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The juvenile crime here in the United States has kept going up over the years. There are too many juveniles that’s incarceration, but it should be for the real evil crimes too. Just think if the court system would change the way the juvenile court system is today. Not all parents are going to know what their children are doing on a daily basis or even whom they are hanging out with them. By reading the news here lately and seeing all the types of crime juvenile committing is crazy. Some of the crimes that juvenile is committing these days are murder, robbery, drugs, school shooting, rape, and more types of crime. With all types of crimes that juvenile can get arrested for is broken down into three categories and they are as followed: Violent Crimes Index offenses, Property Crimes Index offenses, and other offenses ( www.ojjdp.gov, 2018).

These crimes are going on all over the United States. Males and females make these types of crimes, and it does not care what race you are either. With juvenile committing crimes these days it is up to the juvenile court if they are going to be tried as an adult. Yes, the court system is there to decide if it is going to stay in juvenile or go to adult court. Just think that the judge might not have all the facts in the case before he or she decides on what to do in the case against a juvenile.

In Tennessee Cyntoia Brown was only 16 years old whenever she was charged with first-degree murder. The Tennessee Supreme Court said Thursday that Cyntoia Brown, a Nashville woman serving a life sentence in prison for a murder she committed at 16, could be eligible for release after she serves 51 years in prison (Alund/Tamburin, 2018). The defense in front of the Tennessee Supreme Court like they did years ago brought in evidence of sex trafficking whenever Cyntoia Brown was 16 years old. Plus, her defense team was using the Supreme Court ruling in 2012 by giving anyone under the age of 18 years old living in prison without parole was cruel and unusual punishment (Alund/Tamburin, 2018).

It’s crazy for someone that feels her life is in danger because of being forced into sex trafficking. Yes, it is a crime whenever you murder someone but not if you are doing it in self-defense. How would you feel if you own child was forced into doing things they did not want to do or if they do not something terrible going to happen to them? Right now her case is on the governor desk for a decision for clemency.

If you look at policy on crimes committed by a juvenile it not that good. To me, you need to outline the different types of crime and things that can happen to you by committing those type of crime. If you do not have a good guideline to go off of whenever trying to sentence any juvenile for a crime. By having it already in writing it is going to be hard that juvenile says I did not know that this could happen to me. Also, you should hold parents reliable for their children’s action because it might make parents know what their children are doing whenever they are not at home.

www.ojjdp.gov, 2018

Alund, Natalie N./Tamburin, Adam, December 06, 2018, Cyntoia Brown can be released after serving 51 years in prison, Tennessee Supreme Court decides



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