Law homework

Question 1


Please read Money Mike Financial. The article will offer you an overview of the tort crime of Negligence. Give an overview of the situation, their opinion on how each of the Negligence elements turn in each parties favor as well as what the outcome of the case should be given the present laws. You will be required to cite/reference at least one other case to support their conclusions. You will then go one step further and discuss their thoughts on if Executives of a publicly owned company should be held liable for security breaches that lead to private information being released.

Page length should be 2 -3 Pages and use APA Format.


Question 2


You will submit the actual Contract you created. Attached to the end of the contract will be a short paragraph that will explain the breach that occurred, which party was at fault and which party is suing along with any pertinent information that will be needed throughout the project.


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