leaders leading by illegal means

(300 words for each)

Does the end justify the means? Assuming the responsibility of leadership, a leader also assumes the ethical boundaries that accompany it. Many leaders have relied on illegal or unethical tactics to achieve their goals. For this assignment, use the Internet to find 2 articles that discuss the decision of the same leader of an organization that was considered illegal or unethical by the authors. Your articles should be found online in the popular press or a professional journal. Be sure to apply the material from your text to your discussion.


For your first post, describe the key points of each article and detail why the author of the article found it illegal or unethical. Evaluate the leader’s ethical awareness or standards, (apply the course material). This discussion will be at least 300 words. (Be sure to reference your articles in APA format).


When someone indicates that they are involved in a conflict, what do you think? Do you think that they are dealing with a negative situation? As your text explains, conflict can have both positive and negative influences on an organization. This discussion forum highlights the goal of effective management: Is it to eliminate conflict or embrace it? Is conflict good for an organization or dysfunctional? Watch this interesting TedTalk Dare to disagree by Margaret Heffernan before you post to the discussion board.

For your first post, write a short paper of at least 300 words as follows: Head each section of your paper to correspond to the numbers below:

  1. Evaluate how stimulating conflict can be used to reap functional rewards for organizations. Use examples to support your reasoning.
  2. Analyze how some conflicts are dysfunctional, and why it is management’s responsibility to keep conflict intensity in some situations low. Use examples to support your reasoning.


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