legal framework in employment

Assignment Task:

The case given below is the bases of your coursework. Read and understand clearly the case. Analyse it before you start writing your coursework paper. Answer the set tasks in a well-organized manner.

Case Study:

On 01 January 2013, PTC oil and Gas Company employed Richard as one of the engineers in their company. His role as the civil engineer in the oil and gas company is to design, plan, execute and manage civil works required for the particular project or a facility. They signed the employment contract for a period of 24 months, with a basic salary of OMR 1000 per month. Richard commenced work at the company and he was told by his manager to perform tasks such as cleaning the machineries and heavy equipment and lifting objects like steel vaults and others for almost 12 months (until 15 December, 2013). Despite all the hard works, he continued his services; however, thereafter he felt what he described as a “crackle” or a slip in his back or spinal bone, followed by an intense pain in the lower back and an inability to bend. One morning on 25 February 2014, he was unable to stand due to the intense pain in his lower back. He was brought to the clinic and was given shots of a painkiller for about three days which causes him to be absent from his work, after which, he resumed to his work on 28 February 2014. On 15 March 2014, he underwent a medical examination and an X-ray procedure during his free time. His attending physician found that he got some health problems related to the work he was doing in the company. On 30 March 2014, his medical doctor told him that he could no longer continue working in the oil company because of his medical condition. Thus, on that date his employer terminated him.


In this coursework, you are required to write the substantial answer of the tasks given. Construct four subheadings based on the tasks given below.

  • Write clear introductory statements, which would outline the laws in the Sultanate of Oman that govern employer-employee relationships, related to the case set for analysis. State the objective of your coursework.
  • Write your substantial discussion with shows the requirements open low related to the case. Identify and discuss clearly the rights of Richa and his employer as displayed in the case. Support your discussion with decided cases from the courts of different countries. Reflect the correct in text citation justifying and or contradicting those rights that you have mentioned.
  • Sort out the information you have discussed is thought of the conclusion of your paper. Give your valuable insights based on the gathered facts. Close your advice to Richard on what actions he was due to play what is due to his employer and make Richard where on the remedies his would be entitled to if his claim will prosper.
  • Ensure to use correct carbon difference in format and the full text of your paper and your reference list section.
  • In addition, make you to prove Rio paper and observe in your writing the correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, paragraph formatting, world order, verb-tense, subject verb agreement and sentence formation. The required number of the words is at the equivalent of 2900 words will be applied in the lesser Axes number with the answer it as most accurate and proper Sequencing.

Note these points:

You should include the information below for this assignment:

  • Contact of work
  • Rights of employee
  • Sick leave
  • Industrial safety

*** Words count = 2900 words.

*** In-Text citations and References using Harvard style.

*** Number of References = 15 References.


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