Los Angeles Born a Crime Book

Los Angeles Born a Crime Book

Your review is focused on a central question

Your review shows an awareness of the target audience’s need to have some back- story, but it is focused on your judgment of whether or not the book is valuable (worth their time) and why.


The essay demonstrates you have read the book closely.

Your judgment is based on sound specific reasons, not on vague or broad opinions.

There is enough evidence to develop the judgment/reasons convincingly.

At least 3 quotations or paraphrases are used as evidence or support for your own specific observations/reasons. The evidence connects closely with the reasons.

Your review includes examples from your own personal experiences and observations that came to mind while exploring the value of the book for a broad audience.

Your review is organized in a logical manner to further your stated or implied purpose.

Quotations include MLA-style in-text parenthetical citations.

The Works Cited page (as well as the whole paper) is formatted in MLA style.