Mental Health in Saudi Arabia Discussion

Mental Health in Saudi Arabia Discussion

ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET Course name: Sociology of health, illness, and health care Course number: PHC 181 CRN Assignment title or task The sociology of mental illness focuses on the social causes and consequences of mental illness and the processes and consequences of societal reactions to presumed cases of mental illness. • Explain the magnitude of the mental illness in Saudi Arabia. • Discuss the experience of living with mental illness from a sociological perspective in Saudi Arabia. Students ID Student name: Submission date: Instructor name Dr. Grade …. Out of 5 Guidelines: • • Write One-Page Essay at least 200 words. Font should be 12 Times New Roman • Heading should be Bold. • Color should be Black. • Line spacing should be 1.5. • Use reliable references using APA format, at least three up to date references should be used. AVOID PLAGIARISM • • • • Cover sheet should be attached with all information, no missed data and not on image format. Due by the end of week 11 (Saturday 3/4/2021) at 11:59 pm. A rubric will be used to evaluate your paper according to the following grading criteria: Grading Criteria Completion and accuracy of response: 0 – 5 points based on the following rubric: Proficiency Some Proficiency Limited Proficiency No Proficiency 1 0.75 0.50 0.25 Thinking Content Presentation Criteria The purpose and focus are clear and consistent Punctuation, grammar, mechanics are appropriate spelling, and Information and evidence are accurate, appropriate, and integrated effectively Analysis/synthesis/evaluation/interpretation are effective and consistent Connections between and among ideas are made Total /5


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