Module 10 Benefits and Risks of Social Media

Module 10 Benefits and Risks of Social Media

HEAL 250

Mini-Lesson Presentation Plan

(5 points)


  1. From the list below, choose (and highlight) ONE Health Education Standard of Learning (SOL) you would like to focus on for your mini-lesson presentation.

K.1k Describe pedestrian, bike, bus, and playground safety practices.

3.1n Describe the benefits of friendship and list the qualities of a good friend.

5.1g Examine the health risks associated with unprotected sun exposure.

6.1g Describe persuasive tactics used by various types of media.

7.1b Describe the value of nutrient-dense foods.

8.1f Evaluate the physical, mental, and social health benefits of physical activity.

8.1m Identify the benefits and risks of social media.

9.1h Identify how alcohol and other drugs increase the risk of injury.

9.1n Identify effective time-management and organizational skills.

10.1o Identify the skills needed to effectively navigate peer pressure situations.


  1. What is the grade level of the SOL you selected? (HINT: 7.1 would be 7th grade).


  1. List 3 possible credible sources you can use to learn more about the above SOL health concept. (e.g.,,,,,
  2. HEAL 250

    Mini-Lesson Presentation Worksheet

    (15 points)


    Create your mini presentation based on your answers on this worksheet. Maximum of 8 slides (Powerpoint) and/or 5 minutes (video). Audio or attached script is required on the mini presentation.

     For this worksheet assignment due on November 1, it is just completing this worksheet. The presentation with audio or attached script is due by November 16 and will be posted on the Discussion Board.


    1. Health Education Standard of Learning you selected on the Plan (1 point):


    1. Grade Level (1 point):


    1. Learning Goal (What do you want your students to learn?) (1 point):


    1. Summary of the content (4 key concepts) of your mini presentation (8 points):


    1. How will you know if students are “getting it” (e.g. an activity to apply/practice the content, small groups or class discussion, exit ticket, students create a poster, etc.)? Be specific about the instructions for the activity and/or the questions you will ask to check for understanding (2 points).


    1. Sources used to create your mini presentation (2 points):


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