Module 7: Community Educational Project Presentation

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    1. Create a PowerPoint of an overview of your project, then record the presentation of all phases of the education project (this is different from the one used at your event, if you created one for that purpose). This will be presented as if you are in front of a group of peers explaining how your community education project was planned, developed, implemented, and how the outcomes were achieved and then how you evaluated if your goals were met.
    2. Please make certain to show your close up picture of your face and your ID at the beginning of the recording for student verification. Picture ID can be a driver’s license, work ID, or any ID with your name and picture on it.
    3. Project Concert: Please document your hours for this module in Project Concert. Access Project Concert. You should have an estimated 10-15 hours for this module.
    4. Presentation: Use presentation software (ex. PowerPoint, Google Slides) to create a visual presentation. Then utilize a recording platform of your choice (screen cast o matic works best) and either upload as an mp4 or share the link directly to the video in the dropbox. ***Please do not record as voice-over using the PowerPoint platform, where you record voice on each individual slide because this cannot be saved in mp4 format or a link.*** If you submit your assignment as a PowerPoint with voice over recording you will not receive credit for your assignment (or partial credit as you did not meet the full requirements of the assignment.


    30 points

    In-depth coverage of topic; outstanding clarity and explanation of concepts demonstrated in information presented

    30 points

    Central message is compelling and well supported; delivery techniques make speaker appear confident and polished; language choices are imaginative, memorable, and compelling to support the effectiveness of the presentation.

    20 points

    Organization pattern is skillful and permits a cohesiveness in the presentation.

    20 points

    A wide variety of supporting materials appropriately reference information and analysis is evident.


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