My dream job is to be a business operations analyst. For the purposes of ensuring that the dream job

My dream job is to be a business operations analyst. For the purposes of ensuring that the dream job enables me to achieve my goals and objectives within the stipulated time, I will make use of different behaviors which will enable me to carry out different activities accordingly. For me to become successful in the business operations analyst position, some leadership behaviors such as clear communication is important.

On the other hand, leadership behaviors such as clear communication and innovative are required for me to develop the skills which are necessary to be successful in my dream job. As far as the clear communication is concerned, it will play important roles in ensuring that I am able to share ideas with the other employees hence enabling me to acquire new ideas. To improve both the communication and innovative behaviors will ensure that I engage the other employees in an effective manner. This will play important roles in enabling me to acquire some skills which are important in my dream job. Some of the actions I will take to improve my behaviors are stretching myself past my limits and always acting with a purpose.

As far as I stretching myself past my limits is concerned, this action is clear and simple and it hence made to ensure that I realize the manner in which I should communicate with the other employees. However, there is a clear way of measuring the completion of action and success. This will ensure that the goal is accomplished by ensuring that I acquire new skills from the other employees.

Content: This final assignment is designed as an opportunity for you to synthesize the experiential learning that you have reflected of the Five Practices of Effective Leadership. Throughout the term, you performed exercises to improve your leadership behaviors within that chosen practice, and you got feedback from your teammates about your leadership development progress. You also reflected in Leadership Development about various components of your own leadership including emotional intelligence, peer feedback, storytelling and leadership styles.

Purpose: Your future employers will likely expect you to complete professional development as part of your job and be able to tell that story well. Your success will be predicted upon your ability to reflect, process and extrapolate from those professional development activities to show not just what you have done –but what you have learned and how that will shape your future actions and leadership behaviors.

Instructions:  Prepare a 1 page report for me, your instructor, on what you learned from this term’s leadership development process that you can carry with you to your future professional development activities.

Evaluation: I will evaluate your report on three components: clarity, stickiness, and depth.

Style: Throughout the course you have received extensive feedback on business writing. Please use that feedback to inform your own judgment about specific content and formatting.

Maximum Page Length: 1 page


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