NEED A Paper Done

I need a paper done for my business class. It needs to be how ever pages possible. 

You need to invent a Product or service that has not been used. 

No plagriasm or something that has already been created.


Rules that needs to be followed


1. 4 products or service that needs to be created. 

2. You have to search on Google and search the Patent office to see that the product has not been create. Please make sure it is for the U.S consumer.

3. I will get an F if you use a product that has been already created, have  been patent in the U.S Market

4. It has to be a brand new product or service that has never been introduce in the U.s Market.

5. Please dont waste my time and create something not use ful. 

6. Please write about the product and give a sketch and what it is. How it will affect the U.S consumer. Have no Patent on it and make sure it does not come in Google. So talk about the product and how it can be created. 


take your time and please do some research and come up with some good ideas please.

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