nursing process-
nursing assignmentIt takes a significant portion of nursing assignments. The nursing process is a combination of five vital phases. The objectives of every phase are the same that is to ensure the best quality patient care. It includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing and evaluation etc.

  • The nurses collect information about the ailing person’s physical, psychological and sociological status in the assessment phase.
  • In the Diagnosing Phase, a nurse examines the actual disease or health problem of the patient by various tests. The whole treatment procedure is dependent upon this phase.
  • The nurses plan some activities after determining the high-risk factors and severe symptoms. The plan of action is prepared to keep in mind each health problem of the patients.
  • The nurses follow the developed plans in the implementing phase. In this stage, they monitor the changing conditions of the patients, perform the medical tasks etc.
  • This is the final phase where the nurses inspect the goals for the patient’s wellness have been successfully met or not.