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I have team Written about Papa Johns and my part about Human resources(only) so I Interview someone work at Papa Johns and I asked him questions about HR.

I need 3 pages full written, you can look for more information online but I need your won words no Plagiarism no References.

  • Do you think it is more like a family? Yes, with manager being like a mom or dad. The culture is more of a job than a family
  • How is your communication with employees? It is very open and non-formal. Just talk to people on the spot. I do talk to people outside of work and met new people and we talk. Mostly, it is younger college kids which makes it easier.
  • Under pressure? No, it’s easy that I was friends with people before getting the job. And two employees date and breakup and everyone got over it and did not make it weird at work.
  • Do you think you’re more of a Theory X (Think employees are lazy) or Theory Y (Think employees are Hard-working)? Currently it’s a Y. Because of the compliments and is very encouraging.
  • When you see the workers out of work and get to know them personally, what differences did you notice in their work? Everyone is fluid.
  • How do you keep people motivated? And how do you keep people around? We have a very low turnover rate and trying to get everyone the hours they can give. They try to max out the resources. Complimenting and make extra stuff for employees to enjoy. When dominos open they got a raise.
  • Mission statement and motto? (look up on website)
  • Do you encourage participation? *personal to Roy* No, because no need to do it.
  • How is the environment? It is a slow fast pace because you want it out as fast as possible, but it has to be up to standard and quality.
  • Do rewards happen to individuals or the whole store? Whole store.
  • Autocratic (management controls everything, makes it hard on people), Laissez faire (Not much direction) and Democratic (management is involved but takes suggestions). Autocratic but not is hard on us but it is what is expected. However, a mix with democratic, and they will help and be involved. More of leaders than managers.
  • Does your manager reflect Self-awareness, social-awareness, Relationship managements, and self-management? He is good at keeping us on top of things and we can help him and he in return helps us when we need it.


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