Paper #1: Critique / Assignment SheetOverviewOur first assignment involves summarizing and… 1 answer below »

Paper #1: Critique / Assignment SheetOverviewOur first assignment involves summarizing and critiquing an essay, with special attention to structure and clarity of your own writing. We will be using Chapter 8, Business and Economics, as the content for this paper. It might be helpful to focus on Friedman’s “Globalization: The Super-Story” or Ehrenreich’s “Nickel and Dimed” as the text for this assignment, since they are the more developed essays. Please read your choice of text several times and know all its parts.The AssignmentThink of this Critique assignment as going beyond a summary and offering the reader not only what the author has written, but also what you feel is the author’s main point and whether or not you feel he or she has been effective in its presentation. In the end, your Critique will summarize the content of an article, offer judgments about the article’s merit, and place a relative value on the article overall.Part I: IntroductionTo get your Critique off to a smooth start, you will need to introduce the text (and offer relevant bibliographic information). Don’t be afraid to use a hook or interesting introductory sentence or two to get your reader’s attention, but don’t overdo that. The introduction is about setting the reader up and establishing your credibility as a researcher and critic. Be sure to mention the author’s name and title of his/her text, what kind of publication it is or came from, and its currency or date of publication. You should also express your overall impression of the article by the conclusion of the introductory paragraph(s). In short, the reader should have an awareness of what you are doing in the Critique essay, and why, after the first paragraph or two. Consider one or both of these metaphors for introductions: Good introductions can be seen as a road map for your essay, or as a bridge. As a road map, they give the reader a general sense of direction (including tone) and as a bridge, they are a walk readers take from their own life into your own thinking.Part II: SummaryAfter the introduction, offer the reader a summary of the article in a factual or objective tone. Remember to stick to the facts and paint a vivid picture of what happens in the text so the reader has a firm understanding of the article and its main points. Assume the reader has no prior knowledge of the text or the author, but never treat a reader as unintelligent. Remember, your summary should not be loaded with your opinions or judgments of the author’s craft. Save this sort of “critiquing” for the next section. Your summary should be at least two paragraphs long and cover the content of the article in equal measure. You must quote and/or paraphrase the author one-two times in this section.Part III: CritiqueAfter summarizing the article, transition into critiquing the text with criteria that you establish. You should be critical of the credibility of the author, the thesis or main claim, and the method of proving his/her points. Simply let the reader know what you agree and disagree with, and why. Be sure to fully develop your main points in paragraphs that use examples from the text. Try to have between 3-4 main points to support your judgment of the text. Conclude your critique section reminding the reader about your main points and how they work together to support your own thesis or judgment of the article.Part IV: ConclusionI would suggest finalizing your Critique with a short paragraph that restates the author and title of the article and your final opinion on its worth in terms of being persuasive and why it would or would not be worth one’s time to read and consider it. Be short and sweet here but don’t beredundant. Paper Expectations4-5 pagesMLA format including works cited pageCorrect integration of text and outside sources (3-5 citations within the paper)Full draft for peer review editingRevised final copy in printed format
Here are requirement and reading materials. Full4 double space pages is fine. College freshman level. Thank you!


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