Paretho Theorist Essay

Paretho Theorist Essay

The theorist is Vilfredo Pareto.

This Final is the last part of the Theorist/Theory work you started with your Theorist. You must build off your Theorist Essay for this Final. I will attach the previous essay.

C. The Final: For the final, you will expand your Theorist Essay. For the final I want you to examine the influence your theorist has had in the field of Social Theory and to focus on her/his importance to Social Theory and the disciplines. Please include the following:

· Find at least two scholarly sources from scholarly journals on your theorist. (These two works will be added to your bibliography.)

· The importance and impact of their theory in the development of Social Theory over time AND in your academic discipline (concentration). Include here the theorists your theorist influenced.

· The importance of historical context for understanding your theorist and your discipline (concentration).

This last section of the final must be 500-750 words (then added to the Theorist Essay). The word count for your entire final will be 1250-1650 words. Please cite your work properly.


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