passages on obesity, what are the causes, prevalence, what are the new treatments

This week’s paper has 4 parts. The first part, you are rewriting the 2 passages for content and grammar. You can rearrange, and delete words in the passage to make it work. I understand everyone has learned English differently and might have learned different rules.

Next, is the guided writing assignment. Make sure you include the rough draft and corrected version and label both.

The third part is the list of words. First, describe how the word should be used, then state if it should be used in APA writing. Lastly, use only the words that you would use in APA writing in a sentence.

The last part of this assignment is explaining the use of apostrophes in APA writing.

For this assignment, you will have 4 level 1 headings (bold and centered) for each section of the paper. You will have level 2 headings for the first 2 assignments to separate them. Remember level 2 headings are bold and at the left margin

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