Paul Albert Anka born on the 30 of July, 1941 in Ottawa Canada…

Paul Albert Anka born on the 30 of July, 1941 in Ottawa Canada. Was the eldest child raised by His Parents Andy and Camelia. Pauls Parents owned a Restaurant called Locanda where Anka would spend most of his early childhood helping out around the restraint. But it was clear from an early age that Pauls dream was to be on stage. His father felt that show business was not legit and that he should become a proper businessman. But through the support of his mother, his dad gradually softened up.
He studied some piano and sang in the St. Elijah Syrian Orthodox Church choir. He began to sing everywhere and assembled a vocal group called the Bobby soxers. Among the venues where the Bobby soxers performed was a local topless club.Paul Anka say he was to young to be there so, they made Paul wait backstage when he wasn’t on stage.
Beginning his show business life at the age of 12 as an impressionist. By the age of 14, he was stealing the family car to drive to Local singing contests held in nearby Hull, Quebec while writing his own music.
While Paul was growing up he didn’t have a lot to listen to he said in an interview on the 22nd of April 2013 he explained “Growing up there wasn’t much of a variety of music he could listen to but he was Absorbed in all genres of music”. Paul then talks about artist he was influanced by artist such as Hank William, Sonny James, Elvis Presley and Billy Hailey and the commits. This contributed to Pauls unique style that he continued to Genres such as Pop, Soft rock, Jazz and Do wop.
His Debut Album I confess was his first album appeared on Jules and Joes Bihari’s RPM label. Paul gained an audition ABC producer with Don Costa. After Paul’s parents gave him $100 to return to New York to visit record companies with some of the new songs he had written. He stayed at the President Hotel with the group The Rover Boys who introduced him to ABC-Paramount producer Don Costa.
Paul then was asked to perform his first live performance on American Band Stand which was a huge achievement for a 14-year-old kid. Paul says in an Interview almost declined the offer because they wanted him to lip syn.
Paul Auditioned with own composition, "Diana," an ode to a former young lady he met at church who was 4 years older than him. Costa liked what he heard. Paul was too young to sign the recording contract, so his father came down to New York to sign on Paul’s behalf. The Single Diana was shortly sent to Radio station across the world everyone watched as this young teenage boy from Canada becoming one of the first Teenage pop star at the age of 14 . Diana Sold 10 Millons copies and became a number one hit becoming the second biggest of all-time after Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”.
In 1958 Anka had a majorly successful year with 4 hits placed in the top 20 billboard including “You Are My Destiny", “Crazy Love” Paul explains “. Paul Anka Continued his


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