PDR-224891 The use of technology in education – Introduction – Abstract – problem statement…. 1 answer below »

PDR-224891 The use of technology in education – Introduction – Abstract – problem statement – Literature review – conclusion – references Book’s reader app The app itself will read the QR code that will be places on a book giving information to student about the recommended books. this app will make student life easier in a way of looking for certain books that they have never seen or not knowing what the content of the book is really about. The app reader will read the QR code and redirect link using url to mobile friendly webpage that contains video and information of the book. how would this make student life easier? The common problem that most student have is that they are given a name of the book that is recommend by the their lecture either in class or in the module handbook which are mainly provided online. student will have to go to search for specific book in the library. University library are holding thousands and thousands of books, student will have to spend minimum time 15 mins looking for the location of this specific book. once they got hold of it they will have to go through it or read the content of the book of what is really about which may not be useful because reading text could get boring. so why not have a video that will give user audio explanation of what could this book related to, with a visual sight to get them interacted and understand it better. there are few study about how people find videos more engaging then text based. why library services are not enough? why student needs to read books? I need my research to be done on information above or anything related. if you need any further information please email me in order to speed up the process. 22 pages, Harvard references


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