phys 152 3

This is a project assignment. Need to have at least 3 full pages.

My professor write some suggestion about this project topic, need to choose one. The suggested topics are put in the attached file, please check.

And the other attached file is writing instruction. Need to do all the sections in the writing instruction.

Here is the writing instruction:

Physics of Sound and Music (PHYS 152) DRAFT Term Project Report

Name: ___________________________

{Notes: This is a template for your DRAFT Term Project Report.We’ve included instructions and information about what should be found in each section in squiggly brackets “{}s” below.You are encouraged to use this Template in writing your Draft Term Project Report.You can simply replace the {} text with your own and insert diagrams, figures, graphs, tables,etc.

We expect your project report DRAFT to be at least 3 sides of a page (3 pages) long.It should include all the sections listed below (titles are in BOLD).Please don’t interpret the length of this template to imply your report should be less than 3 pages, it should be 3 pages or more!That does, however, include figures, tables, graphs, etc.

We will grade your DRAFT TPR largely on effort and clarity of thinking.It is very possible that you will encounter problems with your experiment and data the first time you do it.We will NOT deduct points in this case (unless, of course, it’s clear you didn’t make much effort) but instead give advice about how to improve and re-do your experiment.}

Project Title:

{please give your project a title and state it here}


{write this last, after the rest of your report.

The abstract should be about two paragraphs long.It should state why you’re doing your particular project;your research question;your results, and; your conclusions.Each of these pieces should be 1-3 sentences long.The goal is to sum up your project and to do so succinctly.}

{Note, we will grade this section (only) for grammar and spelling, and this will count against your FINAL Term Project grade (the one due 5-December).We will give you advice about spelling & grammar as part of your DRAFT but it won’t count against the grade for your DRAFT}

Introduction and Background:

{You can expand on the same section from your Proposal here.It should give both technical (e.g., known equations with each variable identified) and practical background (e.g., “I’ve discovered that Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake and Palmer preferred square over triangle waves for his Mood synthesizer and want to know why.”(Dr. D. made this up, but you get the idea).

You may include a diagram, drawing or labeled image in this section.By ‘labeled,’ we mean that you should have arrows pointing to key parts and labels for the arrows.Further, this diagram, drawing or labeled image should be discussed in your text.}

Experimental Setup:

{Include here a description of your experimental setup.You should discuss why you used this particular setup, including information about how the setup evolved as you undertook the project (e.g., “With this setup we found that it was impossible to maintain the precise same tension on different diameter strings, so we modified it so as to suspend equal masses from one end of each type of string, thus ensuring the same gravitational force was applied to each.”)

You MUST include a diagram, drawing or labeled image in this section.This should give enough information about your experimental setup so that a science-inexperienced reader could recreate your experiment. The same caveats apply, this should be labelled and discussed in the text.}


{Here is where you give your data.I would advise including both a table and a graph if possible.You not only give your data, you discuss it here—for example, its reliability, its error, difficulty (or ease) in obtaining it, etc.}


{This is where you make sense of your data in terms of how it does or does not address your research question.You may (alternately) have a graph(s) in this section that you discuss as part of your analysis.}


{This is where you declare if and how your experiment(s) and data addressed your research question, and what the answer to that question is.This section is generally short and summative.}


{URLs or papers you used to write your report}


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