Pilot integration of solid modeling, computer-aided design into participatinghigh schools to… 1 answer below »

This is a article review assignment. It should be 2 pages. Article is attached below.The guidelines of the reviews are-

1. What's the point? This is the analysis issue: what is the author's angle?

2. Who says? This is the validity issue: On what (data, literature) are the claims based?

3. What's new? This is the value-added issue: What does the author contribute that we don't already know?

4. Who cares? This is the significance issue, the most important issue of all, the one that subsumes all the others: Is this work worth doing? Is the text worth reading? Does it contribute something important?

5. What do I learn from the academic style of writing? How is it different from how I usually write?

6. How can this improve my writing, find at least 5-6 things that you plan to do in your writing that you learned from reading this person’s writing.

7. How does this improve your understanding of how your work may relate to your major professor’s work? Article link:file:///C:/Users/fshawon/Documents/Linking_Technology_in_Educat.pdf
Key objectives associated with this initiative reflect the scope of activities necessary to build
school capacity and teaching resources, and to sustain those activities after funding from NSF
came to an end. Objectives were:
1. Pilot integration of solid modeling, computer-aided design into participatinghigh
schools to encourage innovation and problem solving using STEM concepts coupled
with career and educational ladders for students to lead into careers in manufacturing.
2. Develop, test, and revise an active manufacturing mentoring program with theschools
to provide practical technical skill development in a contextual manner that can be
transferred from school to the world of work.
3. Create and document the process of establishing a regional consortium that includes
stakeholders from higher educational, K-12 systems, regional manufacturers, state
agencies, and economic/community development groups.


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