project management lesson 6

Lesson 6

Activity 1: Project – Titanic

Working in your team, you will research a major project that had its ups and downs.

First watch the video,

Then work together as a team to research the project management process of the building and sailing of the Titanic.

Some resources to get you started, include:

                          1. Lessons on the Titanic

The team should find many other resources. You should find primary and secondary sources. If you have questions about this, ask the librarian for help.

Activity 2: Analysis of Titanic

Once you have thoroughly researched the project, analyze the project discuss with the team the following issues. Address what the statement means in relation to the Titanic project. Find specific examples for each statement.

  1. You need to know what you are measuring. For this first one here are some guiding questions: What was the decision about life boats? What was the decision based on? How did it play out?
  2. Assumption can kill you.
  3. Distractions are dangerous.
  4. Little things add up.
  5. Beware of Scope Creep
  6. Stakeholders should be kept informed.

Activity 3: Infographic

With your team make a project poster or infographic to share with the class that shows the major steps in the running of the project, where blunders occurred, and what this teaches about future project management projects.

Present your project to the class.


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