Public Administration Reflection Paper

Public Administration Reflection Paper

nswer each of the prompts with 2-3 paragraphs using concepts and citations from the text or your own research. To answer, click on the post below and click reply. APA format

Textbook Readings
  • Chapter 3: What is Public Administration (45 minutes)
  • Chapter 5: The Executive Branch (45 minutes)


Early on in chapter three, the authors discuss how much we are surrounded by government bureaucracy. Says the text, “None of us can even get our days started without encountering government bureaucracy. The water we drink, the cars we ride, the bicycles we pedal, the streets we walk—all are the product of government bureaucracy in action.”

  1. Does this reassure you or make you nervous and why? Were you aware of so much government in your midst?
  2. After your reading, do you think PA is it all about people? Or is it all about politics? Or is it somewhere in between? Explain your answer.
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