R language Project Paper

R language Project Paper

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There are a variety of tools used to create visualizations based on data. One of those tools is RShiny. It is important to be able to use RShiny to create charts and graphs to present data in an easy to understand format for an audience.

Assignment Summary

Use RShiny to create several data visualizations based on the data supplied by the instructor for this project. These visualizations are to be created individually, not with your group. Create a dashboard with at least three visualizations for the data.

This dashboard should present the key information for your intended audience and answer the questions you identified.

The dashboard should:

  • Include as many different visualizations as needed. These should be of varying types
  • Answer the research/business question and display the key information that the intended audience needs
  • Be easy to navigate and visually appealing
  • Reflect the data accurately and generally communicate the data appropriately
  • Tells a story
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