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Please reply to the Prompt below in at least 200 words. Then, in at least 50 words, respond in a comment to one other classmate’s post. You must both post and respond to a classmate’s post to receive credit.

Finally, please avoid plot summary. We’ve all done the readings, so it’s time for analysis, interpretation, and discussion. For this Discussion Post, I want you all to think about two aspects of these stories in particular: genre and point of view.

As we’ve learned in our Lectures, we’ve been dealing with a few different literary genres: science fiction (“Beyond Lies the Wub”), literary modernism (The Metamorphosis), and magical realism (“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”), among others.

We’ve also seen our authors using different points of view to narrate their stories to us; for example, Gilman uses first-person point of view in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and Vonnegut uses third-person point of view in “Harrison Bergeron.”

For Discussion Board Post 2: re-imagine the story of your choosing that we’ve read so far and discuss how the story would be different if the literary genre OR point of view were changed.

For example, what if Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” were a science fiction story? How would it be different? What about the story would change?

Another example: what if “The Yellow Wallpaper” were written from the third-person point of view, rather than first-person point of view? If it were, how would the story be different with a third-person narrator?

Of course, this Post will require some imagination. Be creative! Just be sure, however, that your Post is based in a discussion of genre OR point of view. How would your chosen story be different if one of these aspects were changed?

Be specific. Tell us how specific scenes and/or lines of dialogue from your chosen story would be different if the genre OR point of view were changed (put all material quoted from the story in quotation marks (“like this”). This is partly how your Post will show your familiarity with the readings, as well as the concepts of genre and point of view.

As always, once you’ve made your Post, please make sure to thoughtfully respond to at least one classmate’s Post in at least 50 words.


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