reaction essay 13

The purpose of this assignment is to enable students to reflect on and critically evaluate social

work practice in a variety of settings, and address issues of diversity with regard to social work
practice. These readings are found on Blackboard. In your Reaction Essay, you should read the
assigned articles carefully and:
Demonstrate understanding of the main themes/ controversies presented in the articles
Make connections between ideas presented by the authors/ arguments
Explore your feelings about the ideas and arguments made by the authors
Show evidence of original thought and critical thinking about the topic
Utilize correct APA format, including paraphrasing and citing sources correctly
It is expected that students will present information in such a manner that it is clear each
assigned reading has been read and that true, professional reflection has occurred. Superficial
Reaction Essays – those for which the Instructor cannot easily ascertain that reading has occurred
– will not receive credit. In addition, reaction essays should not be “book reports”, and should
not be a cut-and-paste regurgitation of the material. Well-written reaction essays should reflect
critical thinking/ discourse about the content/issues/themes presented by the authors.
Format requirements for Reaction Essays:
*Your essay must be double-spaced and typed in 12-pt font.
*The following information should be typed in as a “HEADER” in the upper right-hand corner:
First & Last Name
Reaction Essay #__ (date)
*You must use 6th edition APA format to cite CORRECTLY within the text of your paragraphs.
*NO “DIRECT QUOTES” ARE ALLOWED! You must paraphrase and cite your sources in
correct 6th edition APA format. [Note: Do NOT plagiarize any material in your paper. Any
plagiarism will result in a “0” for this assignment!
*You do NOT need to attach a “References” page because the readings/videos have been
provided to you.
*Your essay should be 1 full page (minimum) to 2 pages (maximum).
[SOCW 145]/
Spring, 2019
– 18 –
*You must use paragraphs, complete sentences, correct spelling, and punctuation as well as
express your original ideas clearly.
The rubric used to grade this assignment will be found under the “Rubrics” tab on Blackboard.
Be sure to look over this rubric before turning your essays in. Students will receive a copy of
this completed rubric, as well as written feedback on your essay.


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