Recruitment and Retention 2B

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1.)Post a link or upload a job ad for a position. Briefly describe the position and key job requirements. Write 3 behavioral interview questions you would recommend HR use for this job to find the best candidate.

Post a substantive response to each question (minimum 250 words).

2.)Reply in a scholarly and substantive manner to at least two of your classmates.


Job listing: Radiology Cardiovascular Tech Job Description: This position consists of someone professional and can provide technical radiological care to cardiovascular interventional radiology patients, while also helping physicians during procedures such as cardiovascular and interventional radiologic procedures. Also aiding in executing radiologic procedures on specific part of the body of patients as a treatment for injury or illness. The technician is able to assist physician with diagnosing patients and treating patients with congenital and acquired heart disease and peripheral vascular disease.


5 years of general Radiology with 2-3 years cardiac or invasive experience

– Licensed with the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills

– Current License in the state of IL as IEMA ACLS/IABP required upon hire or within 60 days of hire.

– Must be able to function in a stressful environment, lift and move heavy patients and equipment

-Assisting in development of new operating procedures.- Helping with new employee orientation in the department.

– Provision of specialized skills for all patients undergoing cardiovascular and interventional radiologic procedures.

-Responsible for completing documentation for cardiovascular and interventional radiologic procedures.

-Partake in continuing education and workshops to remain up to date with new procedures and current technology.

3 Behavioral interview questions:-Tell me about a time you had to provide specialized skills to a patient that was going through cardiovascular radiologic procedure? Did you receive the outcome that you expected?

– Describe a time that you had to work within a stressful environment? Do you think you could’ve handled it better?

– Describe a time when your knowledge was test. Did you feel as if you were prepared for the situation?…


The job ad I am posting is for an Administrative Assistant for Human Resources and Payroll. The position is for a School District in Illinois. I chose it because I am in the process of completing the classes necessary for the HR Certification and have a desire to work in the school system.

Requirements: This is a high demand position which requires 2 years of payroll and at least an Associate’s in Accounting or a related field preferred, strong proficiency with spreadsheets and payroll processing along with a high level of confidentiality.

Benefits: Health, Dental, Vision, Retirement, Paid time-off, Professional development and Tuition reimbursement.

I would ask the following behavioral questions:

  1. Relate a scenario where you were responsible for exercising judgement in distributing sensitive information to the staff.
  2. Describe a situation where your expertise made a significant difference in relation to processing payroll for new employees.
  3. Share and incident when you were asked to do something that was against the policies. How did you handle it, and what was the outcome?


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