Redesign Heuristics to an Insurance Claim Process

Redesign Heuristics to an Insurance Claim Process

Apply the redesign heuristics to propose a set of changes to this process. For each

change, specify:

1) Issue(s) addressed:

Which issue(s) are being addressed by the proposed?


2) Description of the change:

What will be introduced or dropped in the

process? What will be done differently? Explain very specifically the changes that

you propose to introduce, making it clear how will the process change from the

perspective of: (i) the customer; (ii) the junior claims handler; and (iii) the senior

claims handler.

3) Impact on performance measures:

Which performance measure(s) do you?

hypothesize will be improved thanks to the proposed change?

Limit the discussions to relevance and knowledge that is in the

documents presented so far.

Perform two redesign analysis based on the previous chart (no need to

perform new Diagram chart).