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Rocksoft is a non-profit urban hospital that supply best in quality healthcare to the community. Over the last 10 years, the increase in costs and patients demand has put significant pressures on all parts of the hospital, such condition exist especially in emergency department (ED). who is interested in analyzing the hospital system and making recommended improvements. As a health care center shoulders the responsibility of curing and soothing the health problem encountered by the patients. With settling the goal of quality cares of their clients, the owners should also like to see profitability from the operation of the institutes. However, the complexity in hospital operation has slowed down the duration of improvement and blinded the discover of resources of weakness. Thus comes the predominated adhibition of modeling and simulation. In the rest of the report, we would like to display the simulation process of Rocksoft City Hospital, along with the Verification and Suggestion.
The studied body Rocksoft City Hospital is a non-profit urban hospital established to supply high-quality health service to its community. After surviving from its hardest situation of 40 years, it has been facing problems in terms of demand and costs arise from increasing patients arriving to the hospital. The large stream of people has put great pressure on its ED department, causing crisis to the accomplish of its goal of serving clients in the best way. More than that, small-scale problems as patients are not seen in a timely manner always incur severe and unbearable problems that serious ED patients may expire in a long waiting time. The reputation of Rocksoft City Hospital would be damaged severely if problems occur in terms of waiting time.
Taking the difficulty and long time scale of the installation of physical measures, the board of directors of RCH has decided to enabled a simulation analysis to improve their performance


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