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Discussion 1: Elisa


I chose a college farrier science lab. A farrier is someone who specializes in equine hoof care. A farrier lab is where students learn blacksmithing skills and apply those skills to the anatomy and physiology of the horse in terms of hoof care.  I took a farrier class at a college years ago that was well run.  At the time I had not considered that it was a legitimate science lab.

A farrier lab is equipped with forges, anvils, hammers, hoof stands, propane, natural gas, computers, and numerous specialized hand tools for working on the horse’s hoof (The Farrier Guide, 2021). A farrier lab needs to be designed and managed in a way that it is safe for multiple horses to be present at one time for farrier work. This type of lab would be considered academic and for profit. Students pay tuition to attend school in the lab and earn a certificate and credit towards an Animal Science degree.

A lab manager in a farrier lab has several responsibilities.  The lab manager must maintain an inventory of equipment and handle any broken or damaged tools.   A lab manager must ensure that everything is properly stowed and handled for the safety of the students and for the horses. A lab manager must also keep a schedule of students, horses, and handle issues where lab work was not able to be completed due to complications of behavior or health of the horse.


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Discussion 2: Emily



Specific Translational Genetics and Genomics Unit

Category:  Research & Clinical

The Translational Genetics and Genomics Unit (TGGU) is under the category of research because they conduct research using genetic and bioinformatic approaches to advance scientific knowledge on rheumatic disease pathophysiology and inflammatory biology in hopes to find therapeutic targets (NIH). TGGU is also a clinical lab because they also conduct clinical studies through selecting individuals and families based on  monogenic inflammatory diseases and clinical history (NIH).


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