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Choose any two works, one from Backpack Literature and the other which must be a movie, that are of interest to you and show how the two works relate to current issues in America or the world. The current issues could pertain to war, race discourse, multiculturalism and diversity, women’s rights and issues of female power, religion, politics, healthcare, criminal justice, terrorism, mental health, trauma etc. In writing your essay, you will need to define the issue, trace its background, review related literature on it and then proceed to show how your two selected works address that current issue.

Note the following:

  • You are expected to draw from at least two works: One lieterary – poems, plays, novels, short stories and the other a movie etc. These will be your primary sources
  • You are expected to have a minimum of 7 secondary sources (averagely one per page). The secondary sources could be books or articles from academic databases and not from random internet sites. No internet sources will be accepted, but you can visit this link for online databases that have credible academic journal articles which you are advised to use (note that database articles are not considered internet sources).
  • you are expected to have a minimum of 14 secondary citations, for an average of two citations per page.
  • your paper must be written in MLA or APA format, should be double-spaced, and should use Times New Roman 12-point font
  • the paper should be at least 7 pages excluding the works Cited/Reference page.

for the issues, you can visit CQ researcher (one of the databases) at… for leads


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