respiratory case study

The respiratory system is responsible for making sure that the cells of the body have adequate oxygen in order to function as well as it is responsible for removing the cellular waste product carbon dioxide. If a disease process is present that affects the functioning of this system, the simple physiological processes will not occur at adequate levels.

  • Read the Respiratory Case Study
    • A patient with a chronic history of asthma develops new symptoms which include headache, body aches, fever and a dry cough. The patient also notes that they feel like they are having a change in their normal typical asthma symptoms and are struggling more than normal to breathe. The symptoms continue for a few days before they see their physician. Upon physical examination the healthcare provider notices the following: temperature of 101.8°F, respiratory rate of 24 which is higher than the normal 16-20, audible wheezing, and oxygen saturation of 90%. The healthcare provider also performed a nasal swab and diagnosed the patient with Influenza. Treatment for the patient consisted of asthma medication and Corticosteroids.
  • Download the case study worksheet.
  • Answer the following questions, including detail and appropriate explanations:
    • Describe the normal anatomy of the respiratory system that would be affected by asthma.
    • Explain the process of normal inspiration and expiration and relate it to Boyle’s Law.
    • Describe how asthma changes the normal anatomy and physiology.
    • What does the term oxygen saturation refer to? What is the normal value?
    • What is the typical treatment for asthma and how does it improve asthma symptoms?
    • How do Corticosteroids help in the treatment of this patient?
    • What is the appropriate treatment for the diagnosis of Influenza?

Please be sure to validate your answers with citations and references in APA format.


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