S M A R T: Assignment

S M A R T: Assignment

Instructions: Each of these objectives is missing at least one of the SMART parts.

1. Identify the missing S, M, A, R, T part.

2. Offer a revision to the objective in which the missing part is added.

Example: To stop teenagers from using smokeless tobacco, schools will institute campus-wide tobacco-free policies by 2016.

1. Identify the missing part: 

This objective is not SPECIFIC because it does not state what you want to happen, where, and to whom.

2. Offer a revision:

At least 90% of county schools will institute campus-wide tobacco-free policies by 2016. 

Use these objectives for this activity:

A. The health education staff from the American Lung Association will have planned and conducted six “Open Airways” classes for 150 children, Grades 3 through 6, at the Hamilton Elementary-Middle School in Hollis, Oklahoma, to reinforce childhood asthma management.

B. By the end of the diabetes skills-building workshops, attendees will be able to describe and demonstrate new skills they have learned and will use in managing their children’s diabetes.

C. By 2010, significantly reduce the proportion of San Francisco residents living in homes with firearms.

D. Children in Chicago will not be subjected to or witness violent acts.

E. Developing pictorial instructions that can be understood at low reading levels to improve patient compliance with “Back to Sleep” recommendations among people with low literacy by 10% in the next six months.


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