select two of the texts films we have covered this term for a comparison what is the significance of a particular food or food related imagery theme or any other literary device the two texts share for example if you are interested in exploring tex 1

Select two of the texts/films we have covered this term for a comparison. What is the significance of a particular food or food related imagery, theme, or any other literary device the two texts share? For example, if you are interested in exploring texts that examine a particular philosophy about which foods we should eat, the excerpts from Pythagoras and Thoreau’s Walden in which reasons for adhering to a vegetarian diet are discussed will make an interesting pairing of texts.

Successful comparisons have a well-developed focus that explores one central idea. Most importantly, the comparison will allow readers to understand the significance of the similarities and differences.

If it has been a while since you have written a comparison essay, you might find this site helpful. A well-conceived thesis is an important element of any literary analysis. For tips on developing a strong thesis, consult this site.

For a list of conventions that you may not be aware of consult this site. Please note that the titles of all full-length publications are now placed in italics, because an underlined word or phrase typically denotes a hyperlink.

Technical Details:

  • Well-developed comparison that is presented in an organized essay
  • Each part of the essay is fully developed (introduction, supporting paragraphs, conclusion) and transitions connect individual sentences and guide readers from paragraph to paragraph.
  • Direct quotations and paraphrases support the writer’s analysis. The writer uses signal phrases and in-text citations to integrate the evidence and to cross-reference to the works cited citation for each work. IMPORTANT!
  • If the writer is working with additional sources, all direct quotations, paraphrases, and summaries are fully integrated and cross-referenced
  • The final paper is edited and proofread with the greatest care
  • 4 to 6 pages in length
  • Double spaced, size 12 easy to read font

The two films/text to be compared is
The theme and comparison should focus on how food (normally seens a healthy and nutritional sense) could be turned into something evil such as the apple is snow white, and the witch’s edible house.

Grim’s Tales

Snow white (attatched)

Hansel & Grettel


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