slides presentation n write a small summary

slides presentation n write a small summary (less than 1 page )

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Hi read this

Please provide just a few introduction why you selected your topic, and explain how you are approaching your problem. If you follow the standard protocol, just specify the source (for example, following lab 4) (I AM USING LAB 5A) and skip the details. The focus of your term project presentation should be the results (what you get) and how you interpret the results compared to the literature.

• Requirement:
– You have to use SYBYL software. (I am working on it nad will forward you later)
– Submit your project as a presentation. I consider this
would be easier for you than writing up a formal
term paper.
• You must submit a short summary (less than one page) of
your presentation.
• You must submit your presentation (power point slides, or
html file, or word document).
• Your presentation should contain explanations as well, not
just figures or tables

Will you be able to create a 5-10 slides presentation n write a small summary (less than 1 page ) and am still working on SYBYL. Enclosing lab 5a tutotial for you, this is what am following only the compound will be different in my case


you need to do is just replace the molecule and ids from the manual and ofcourse the wording and throw it on paper and ppt