Society Conflict Theory Discussion

Society Conflict Theory Discussion

Section 1


This discussion activity provides you with the opportunity to discuss with your classmates what Sociology is and how it is used in everyday life, and your understanding of Peter Berger’s “Invitation to Sociology.” This classic piece of scholarly writing will introduce you to the discipline of sociology and what it is all about. You will learn what sociologists do and study, how they are perceived by others, and how sociology may be used in your everyday life.


Discussion Guideline

  • Each of your posts including the initial posts and comments should be at least 6-8 sentences and demonstrate excellence in grasping key concepts. Here’s how to do this:
    • Keep your posts concise and to the point. Make sure you are addressing all assigned questions. Use examples from the assigned readings or videos to support your points.
    • You may add information from outside sources, but please cite them in APA!

oAlways refer to the discussion grading rubric to make sure you meet the criteria.

oThe best thing to do is print out the article and make notes in the margin or on a separate piece of paper. Try to think about what you will gain in studying sociology and how you may use it in your everyday life as you make notes of interesting points.

2.Then share your thoughts with the class on the discussion board. In your initial post, please make sure to include the following:

oComplete sentences with proper grammar and spelling. DO NOT USE “i” please!

Section 2


This assignment provides you with an opportunity to apply the sociological imagination to a real life social issue and evaluate the importance of the sociological imagination as a concept that sociologists use to analyze social issues and problems.


Journal Guideline

For all of the journals in the course, please follow the guideline below.

  • Each journal entry should be between 2-5 paragraphs and include the following:
  • Note that improper sentence structure, grammar and spelling may cause a deduction of points from the assignment.

An example of an unsubstantiated journal: “well I feel this way because I had a friend who once did this…” is not a fully developed argument.

Journal – The Sociological Imagination

Please follow the directions below to submit your journal for this module.

  • View the three short videos.

This short video will explain to you how sociologists view issues in society.

This video gives you a brief biography of C. Wright Mills and his contributions to sociology including the sociological imagination.

This video clip will explain what the sociological imagination is and how it is used by sociologists.

  • After viewing the three short videos on C. Wright Mills, Sociological Imagination, and seeing the general in the particular, you are ready to write your first journal entry. Reflect on what you learned about the sociological imagination. In your journal entry discuss the following:


Section 3


This assignment can deepen your understanding of the three main sociological theories and help you differentiate them.


Please make sure to follow the discussion guidelines found in Module 1.1 Discussion.

Part 1: Initial Post

  • In order to understand the three main sociological theories, begin by watching the 57 minute film entitled “Making Sense of Sociological TheoryLinks to an external site.” [Duration 57:12]

Case study on medicalization. Understand how the same social issue can be explained three different ways.

2.Now that you have viewed the film on “Making Sense of Sociological Theory,” you are familiar with the three main sociological theories; structural-functionalism, conflict, and symbolic-interaction. You will want to also make sure you have done the assigned reading on sociological theory before attempting this discussion board. The film showed you three different ways to explain the medicalization of our society. Now, I would like for you to choose a social issue or problem and explain why it exists by using one of these three theories. For example, you may choose the rising rate of obesity among children and use the conflict perspective to explain it. Now that I used that example, you must choose another topic!

For ideas about social problems or issues, look at news headlines, magazines, media to get some ideas of socially relevant topics.

I would like to see the following in your initial post:

oYou have followed the discussion guidelines and the discussion rubric.

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