speech discussion

1. Today, you received an invitation from the president of the school board asking you to deliver an informative speech at Everytown High School. Because students at Everytown High School are currently studying Global Warming, the president of the school board would like for you to address this topic as well.

Review the sources listed below and choose the one you would use in your informative speech. Explain why the source is a good choice.

  • Option A: A book entitled The Guide to Global Warming (published in 2015)
  • Option B: A pre-recorded interview with an employee at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  • Option C: A documentary film explaining Global Warming

2. During the previous weeks, you have developed your public speaking skills. As you evaluate your progress at midterm, which one of the skills listed below do you plan to further develop during the remainder of the quarter? Explain why you selected this skill and share specific actions you will take to further develop it.

  • Option A: Actively listening
  • Option B: Conducting research
  • Option C: Creating an outline

3. Your supervisor recently announced that you and a colleague, Bruce, will have an opportunity to meet with the company’s CEO in 2 hours and deliver a presentation on your team’s current project. Due to the short notice, Bruce believes your presentation should be an impromptu speech (delivered without notes or plan); however, you disagree with him. Under these circumstances, which type of speech do you believe you and Bruce should deliver? Choose one of the options below and share the justification you would use to persuade Bruce.

  • Option A: Extemporaneous speech (carefully prepared and rehearsed)
  • Option B: Manuscript speech (written out word for word and read to audience)


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