summarizes the policy problem; identifies policy goals; includes an evaluation of possible…

summarizes the policy problem;identifies policy goals;includes an evaluation of possible strategies to address the problem; andmakes a policy recommendation.

Case analyses should demonstrate excellent understanding of the case study along with accurate application of appropriate frameworks and tools that have been discussed in class and highlighted in the readings. Case analyses should also offer a clear direct analysis as a well-argued position supported by the course material. You should acknowledge in the case analyses when you are making assumptions and/or predictions. Ultimately, case analyses should demonstrate your ability to assess a situation and develop policy recommendations.

The case analysis should be 3-4 pages double spaced (not including references or appendices). The case analysis is worth 15 points. For specific resources on the case analysis, see the Case Study Information Page on Canvas.

Grading CriteriaFormat (2 points)The case analysis is presented in the required format: length, font, spacing, margins, page numbers, section headings, title, and correct references/parenthetic citations.Style (2 points)Writing is high quality, error free, and logically constructed. External articles/readings are cohesively incorporated into the paper.Substance/Analysis (11 points)The case analysis should include an introduction to the case, a summary of the problem, an identification of policy goals and objectives, an evaluation of possible strategies to address the problem, a policy recommendation, and a conclusion.


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