Synthesizing various sources to create an original persuasive argument.

With this assignment, students will try their hands at synthesizing various sources to create an original persuasive argument. Students will integrate information and quotes from at least two sources that have been assigned for class. An MLA Works Cited page is required for this assignment and should be included as the last page of the final submission.


Within the issue of food processing, there are many debates and arguments circling. Please analyze the topic carefully, and choose one particular issue to write about that is related to food processing. Then develop a 4-page persuasive argument essay about that issue where you synthesize ideas from at least two sources to support your own argument. You should 1) address counterargument both in your introduction and body, 2) integrate at least two sources from those that were assigned in class using MLA-style quotes or paraphrases, and 3) have a properly formatted and properly placed MLA Works Cited page for the sources that you use. You may include personal experience into this essay where relevant and applicable.

The following sources are the only material I can use for my essay.

In defense of food by Michael Pollan

The Atlantic (How junk food can cause obesity written by David H Freedman

The Atlantic (How ultra-processed foods are killing us by Marion Nestle

Food Processing Background reading by the John Hopkins Center

Fast Food Nation the dark side to the all american meal by Eric Schlosser

I am also requesting an outline with my thesis statement and four topics sentence.

My introduction must have my key supports and counterargument. I need a Title, Introduction three body paragraph and (my third paragraph must contain my counter argument) and conclusion,. The paper has to be written utilizing the direction above to the T.


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