The Social Work Ethics

The Social Work Ethics

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The Case


A social worker in a middle school received a referral from the vice principal. The 12-year-old student, who had emigrated to the United States three years earlier from the Dominican Republic, had missed an unusually large number of school days and was struggling academically in several subjects. Two of the student’s teachers reported that she seems remote and disengaged when she is in class. One teacher commented that the student seems to be depressed.


The social worker contacted the student’s parents, whose primary language is Spanish. During this first meeting with the parents, the social worker sensed that the parents have difficulty communicating in English. The social worker did his best to explain the school staffers’ concerns about their daughter and the social worker’s plan to meet with her regularly to explore the issues in her life and help her get back on track. The social worker asked the parents for their permission to meet with their daughter and provide counseling; although the parents nodded their head “yes” when the social worker asked them for permission to meet with their daughter; the social worker was not convinced that the parents fully understood the points he made, the school’s concerns, and the social worker’s plans.



Reamer, Frederic G.. 2009. The Social Work Ethics Casebook: Cases and Commentary. Baltimore, MD: NASW Press.


Q/ Apply the The Choices Test ( to the case above. Break up your analysis into paragraphs. Each paragraph should begin with the heading of the step you are applying, e.g. Step 1 (That’s it! Don’t type out the whole description of the step. Instead, just type Step 1 and apply the step to the case. Do the same for the rest of the steps.)

Word range: 250 – 350 words


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Q/ Imagine that you are Dr. Lars Aanning’s good friend. Dr. Aanning has come to you for advice regarding what to do after he has been asked by his colleague’s attorney to testify in defense of the colleague. What ethical advice might you give him? Think about his predicament from the various ethical perspectives mentioned below.


How might a “bifocal” moral vision, one that tries to balance the justice perspective with the care perspective, help Dr. Aanning decide what to do? The Baier piece will be essential here. It should be clear from what you’ve written that you’ve carefully read and thought about the whole article. This means that you need to refer to ideas from it.

  1. Read through the Character/Virtue Test ( to an external site.)) and apply it to the case of Dr. Aanning. See how it is applied to the Less Sugar case ( (Links to an external site.)) and to the Phantom Expenses case ( (Links to an external site.)).





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