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This assignment requires you to analyse the data set provided, and write a report of up to 2,000 words about this analysis. It will test your ability to select and conduct suitable methods of analysis for different types of data, and interpret and present the results of these in a style appropriate for a general audience.
Required format The report should include an introduction to the study objectives, a description of the data, a full report on the analysis conducted (which will take the majority of the space) and a conclusions section. The font should be 12 (times roman) along with 1.5 space.
It is important to discuss the issues related to project success in any real depth, and on the statistical reporting may be slightly more comprehensive.
The following restrictions apply to your report: They should start with an abstract of no more than 150 words 2,000 words (excluding abstract, references, tables and appendices). Please divide the words among the sections of the report. The words may be over 2000 (2200 for example), but not less than 2000. All SPSS sheets should be attached as appendix but will not be included in the word counts Research objectives The data for the assignment are from a cross-sectional study, designed to investigate the effects of managers’ background characteristics on project success.
The data The study data are provided include 276 project managers.
The dependent variable is “project success” and is represented in: budget, time, quality, design, client satisfaction and business objectives.


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